Casino Games

Getting started in an online casino is easy; you’ll find that most of the casino games do not take even ten minutes to get a handle on them. This casino games guide is a concentration of everything you need to know about casino games. An intricate grasp of the ins and outs of your favourite game is a strong tool in the hands of any player, so take this guide as the proverbial grinder to sharpen your tool. We recommend you take your time as you go through the different casino games and their variations, in return you’ll become part of the initiated, those in the know. Let’s begin.

Casino Games Promotions

Most online casinos offer casino games promotions in one form or another; such as a no deposit bonus UK or a deposit based casino bonus. There are many aspects to consider when faced with an advertisement, but you should always make sure that you are viewing it sensibly and soberly. This disciplined approach entails that you meticulously read the small print, because there is a small print, and understand what you need to do to get the offer and bank your pounds. Fundamentally, casino promotions are created with the sole aim of making all participants regular customers. A typical promotion used by casinos is the sequenced bonus which is often phased over the first, second, and third deposit. Some even offer up to 50 free spins no deposit casino offers, that you don’t even have to part with any of your own money. This is usually headlined as a big welcome offer on the home page, but clearly, there’s more to it than that. The promotions are typically ridden with restrictions and requirements of which you must be aware. The free spins promo is also very widespread among casinos. Here players get to win bonus money which they have to bet again before cashing out. Players should always understand the restrictions associated with their choice of reward. Such information can be found you contact customer support via live chat on the website or through mobile apps.

Types Of Casino Table Games

An online casino UK is a collection of numerous fun casino games that players can enjoy with the click of a button. The casino lobbies are filled with brand new and other less new but trendy casino games; this can be overwhelming for some players. In this games guide, we look at the different types of table casino games at your disposal. Get ready to learn more about casino games like blackjack, pai gow poker, baccarat, craps, and roulette. In this list you will find some casino games which require a certain level of skill and others of pure old fashioned luck, they are found in the online casino lobby.

RNG – Random Number Generator

There is a belief among some casino players that the moment when a big payout is about to hit can be calculated. This notion might have been true in the days before random number generators (RNG). It is a platform code which utilises an algorithm applied to monitor the performance of slots and board casino games, basically all online casino titles. It sets the casino’s return to player value, ensuring that while players have a chance of winning, the casino always makes money in the long run. While it is theoretically possible to calculate the outcome of RNG calculations, the reality of the matter is that in practice, it can’t be done. RNG helps in the maintenance of the randomness of casino games and has to pass certification by a third party for it to ensure that it’s working correctly. This certification is a measure of a casino’s level of transparency and essentially its trustworthiness, this avoids any potential complaints that may arise as a result of alleged unfairness.

Live Casino Games

Live casino games are for players who crave the action walk-in casinos and are played against real dealers over a live video stream. These games are usually available both via laptops as well as online mobile casino apps. The dealers can be in any country in a big room operated by casino games providers. The most loved table casino games found in this category are baccarat, casino hold ’em, roulette, and blackjack. As is evident from the list mostly card and table casino games are available in the live casino, although some providers are starting to make live slots. Other less popular options offered live are craps, sic bo, monopoly live, deal or no deal and dream catcher. Live casino dealers have tried to incorporate some variations in their casino games. On top of the standard casino games variations available to players, other options include selecting the dealer’s gender, language, and side bets. You can also opt to switch the chat function where you can talk with the dealer and other players at the table.


Slots constitute the most significant percentage of all casino games in online gaming lobbies. Slot machines function by spinning reels; these reels are made up of different symbols. The player wins when matching symbols hit the pay line. Players can also benefit from scatter and wild symbols during gameplay. There are many types of slots that you can find; these include 3 reels, 5 reels, 3D slots, bonus slots, and 243-way slots. The popularity of slots casino games arises from the fact that they are easy to play and highly customisable. Also, plenty of casinos offer free slots games, that you can try without have to deposit any money. Slots operate on a random number generator; this is a computerised system which ensures that the casino games are fair and that the only means of winning is pure luck. Most popular slots also run progressive jackpots, here a small portion of every wager is added to the jackpot. As time goes by these progressives can run into the millions, attracting more slots enthusiasts.

Popular Casino Table Games

Table games are amongst some of the most recognisable titles on casino websites, but of these casino games, there are some which are more prominent than others. Many players like the level of skill that some of these casino games require and the level playing field provided by their relatively low house edges. In this list of popular casino games, you’ll find video poker, baccarat, blackjack, craps, sic bo, and roulette. Blackjack commands the largest following amongst players followed by poker. The popularity has primarily been natured by the appearance of these casino games in movies. A look at each of these casino games is outlined below. Most of the casinos you’ll find in our uk online casino reviews, will offer the games listed below.


Poker is enjoyed by many casino players and provides some of the most attractive odds. Unlike real poker, in video poker, you are not playing against people, so there’s no need to maintain a poker face. Video poker is played using 5 cards, you discard and keep some with the overall aim of remaining with the strongest hand. The cards being picked are mostly coming from a regular card deck, 52 cards unless you are throwing in the joker as a wild card. When the game ends the strength of your poker hand determines if you have won or not. Many players are drawn to video poker because of its high payback percentage, which can reach more than 99% in some casino games. Being a card game video poker has some level of strategic play involved, that’s why to get the best outcome, you must learn these strategies and apply them.


If you are a fan of Austin Powers, you’ll remember the blackjack scene in his first flick International Man of Mystery. Reminiscent of casino games blackjack ballroom, this movie has driven the popularity of this card game for years. This is one game where your level of skill affects the end result; you can’t say that about many casino games. The objective in blackjack is for your hand to be 21 or less. The figure is calculated by adding up the numbers on the cards in your hand, for face cards and aces you add 10 and 11 respectively. Since you’re only playing against the dealer, you win when your total number is not above and is closest to 21. Bets are settled once the dealer is over 17 or has gone bust, that is gone over 21. You can only lose at blackjack if you go bust, or the dealer has a closer hand to 21 than you. Check out our Blackjack guide, where you’ll find recommended casinos and learn things like Blackjack basic strategy.


Roulette is an exciting and easy game to learn. This one of the casino games that have many betting options which makes it exhilarating, players can opt to bet on either black or red, odds or evens, or even just pick individual numbers. These casino games feature a numbered wheel which is spun, and a small ball is tossed in to commence the game. Having placed a bet the player’s goal here is to try to predict on which number or colour the ball will land. The game ends when the ball rests in a particular spot, at this point all bets are settled and the game is over and is reset. Roulette bets are placed before the game starts, to do so, you must place your wager on the numbered board corresponding to your selection. This game can be played safe or aggressive, players picking a specific number can get as much as 35x wager made. We have a whole article were we go over some of the key points on how to win at roulette.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo is a relatively complicated dice game that originated in China. It has a plethora of betting options which for many players forms the basis of either their sincere devotion or prejudice towards it. Though it is a dice game Sic Bo bears more resemblance to roulette than craps in how it is played. The game is played using 3 dice; you place a wager on the number you are betting for on a Sic Bo board. The dealer shakes the dice and reveals the number which is the sum of the 3 dice. You win if the two numbers match otherwise you have lost. The game is that simple, and it’s a pure game of chance. Not found in many casino games lobbies, Sic Bo does not have a defined strategy to increase your chance of winning. If you manage to find new casinos uk that carry this game, it’s an opportunity to enjoy old fashioned casino games with lots of history behind it.


Craps is an easy game to play that you can learn in a flash. Most movie scenes with casinos are awash with exciting scenes of people winning millions just from throwing two dice. Most players like casino games like this one because of the numerous betting options and also because in some circumstances it offers the best odds of winning. The principle behind craps is that you place your bet on the outcome when two dice are thrown. The game starts when a player, a shooter, tosses two dice. The sum of the two dice, the point, is established and the keeps on throwing the dice, all the time seeking to hit the point again before getting a 7. This is as basic a description as you can get, there’s more to it though. At least now if you watch a movie with craps, you’ll understand what everyone is so excited about.


Baccarat is one of the casino games still being played today, it has a reputation for being one of exclusively high stakes casino games, but it has evolved over the years, and now everyone can play. This is a pure game of chance and holds one of the lowest house edges you could ever find in a casino. Baccarat does not require any strategy to play and is pretty straight forward, the objective of this game is to correctly bet on who has the better hand, you or the banker; the other bets you can place include, for a tie, or on a combination of all those previously mentioned. Now admittedly this is a simplification of sorts, but at least you can appreciate the main principles of these casino games. A player wins if what they have wagered successfully, big money, however, is made on a successful tie bet. Here you can get a payout as much as 9:1.

Monopoly Live

Monopoly live, created in 2019 by Evolution Gaming, is a relatively new entry into the casino games lobby and is an adaptation of the much-loved board game monopoly. The game was released as a version of the dream catcher and featured some augmented reality elements. Players love it because it offers multipliers which can significantly increase your winnings. In the first part of this game, the players have to predict in which section a wheel spin stops and place their bets accordingly. When the dealer spins the big vertical wheel, it can come to a stop on a number or in a chance and roll section which will automatically activate more rewards. A second part of the game is activated when you place a wager on either one of the rolls, and the wheel stops there. A 3D bonus round is initiated where two dice are spun corresponding to the number of rolls landed on the wheel. Mr Monopoly then walks around on the monopoly board picking up prizes.

Lesser – Played Online Casino Games

The lobby is not only home to superstar casino games like poker, blackjack and baccarat. Some casinos carry other games that might surprise you in terms of the history surrounding them and the thrills they give. These casino games are usually neatly tucked away in the speciality section of many online casinos. In this category, you will find casino games like Hi-Lo, three-card brag, deal or no deal, and pontoon. This section of the guide is dedicated to such games; we cover a basic outline of what they are about and how they are played. Maybe such knowledge will make you want to give them a try on your next visit to a casino site on the net.


Hi-Lo is a very simple card game, but don’t let that fool into thinking it’s not fun. The principle of the game is to predict if the value of the next dealt card is higher or lower than the cards already dealt, hence the name. The game starts with a player placing a bet. After the bet has been placed, you then select deal and the dealer deals three cards on the table, face up. Now around each of these cards are high and low arrows showing you how much you will win if your arrow selection is correct. When you choose a card and make your guess as to whether the next dealt card is hi or lo you click on the corresponding arrow. The card is dealt, if you guessed right you win, if not you lose your stake and have to bet again to continue to the next round.

Three Card Brag

The origins of this card game can be traced back to the 16th century. In many respects, this hand is like poker but played with three cards. When playing this game online, you are playing against the dealer. The game commences when you place a bet. The dealer will give you three cards. What you are looking for in three-card brag is to get the biggest number. You have the choice to play or fold, folding means you lose the hand and would need to make another bet. Playing on is indicated by playing another bet to double your initial stake. The victor is the one who has the better hand after the cards have been counted. You can get a run, running flush, or prial and the bets are usually set at one as to 1. Unlike real casino games when playing with a real player, the internet version does not allow you to bluff your way to a win with a bad hand, which goes for the dealer too.


Pontoon is a variation of blackjack and is found in many online casinos. Like blackjack, the objective is to get a 21. This can be achieved by getting a pontoon, which is a combination of an ace and a face card, or through groupings of five, four, or even three sets of cards. The next best thing is getting as near as you can to 21 without going bust. The game begins by making a bet followed by pressing the deal button. The dealer then gives you a hand, if you are lucky enough to get a pontoon, you win, and the game is over. If not you should then decide whether to stick, or split, or buy, or maybe twist. The moves mentioned here are only fancy name versions for those found in blackjack. Before playing this game, you should review the specific casino games guide and get a thorough understanding of the rules and strategies.

Deal or No Deal Live

Deal or no deal live is touted as being the first live game show in the world to run for 24 hours, non-stop. An adaptation of the famous TV game show going by the same name, this game has been beefed up by the addition of various prizes and multipliers. The game starts with a qualifying round and gets more and more exciting from there. The number of participants who can play this game is unlimited, to kick it off a 3 reel is spun by players. The purpose of the initial spins is to set the value of the biggest prize briefcase. In the next round, players try to increase the prize money, and from the second round, you go straight to the live host. The goal of this game here is exactly as seen on TV, you must guess whether the money in the case is higher or lower than the offer.

Scratch Cards

Scratchcards are popular in the UK, but more so when you play them in real life rather than online. However, most casinos these days offer a variety of online scratch cards. You can win a ton of money on some of them, and other have smaller, but more frequent wins. Check our guide, where you’ll learn how to find the best scratch cards to buy UK.

Online Casino Tournament Games

The most popular tournament casino games online are slots and blackjack. Fans are drawn to these tournaments because they are cheap and can potentially result in significant earnings. This is because you are competing for the win against other players, and a portion of their stake goes into the pot. Players can also participate in freeroll tournaments for free, the earnings from these are footed directly by the casino. Freeroll tournaments got their name from the fact that when they began, players were given a free roll of coins to play on real money slot machines. While the concept is still the same, today we have replaced the coins for complimentary bonuses on the free casino games. These online tournaments usually span the whole day, but it’s not uncommon to see players sitting in on numerous sessions throughout the day. The skill level required for the different casino games played in these tournaments vary. True to the principle of the individual game, for you to come in with a shot playing blackjack there is some level of skills you should exhibit, while slots are purely won on chance. Poker enthusiasts can also try their luck in online tournaments. Here, players are supposed to join the casino games by way of a buy-in, which is converted to chips to fund your account. These chips are your life in the game if you lose them you are out unless there is a re-entry option; of course. The predetermined prizes are awarded to successful players based on a percentage system. Players who usually do well in online tournaments have cultivated the art of reading the tendencies of other players and use a mixed combination of aggression and retreat tactics. Mastery of these skills and a careful review of tournament casino games guides will make the whole experience more enjoyable.

Casino Games Strategies

The basic truth about online casino sites is that in the long run, the house always wins. The reason for this is the pre-programmed house edge which keeps the casino in business while providing some lucky players with a return on their wagers. To understand casino games strategies, you must first appreciate two concepts, one is casino games of chance, and the second is the house edge. True casino games of chance are characterised by truly random outcomes. A good fit for this description is roulette. Blackjack, on the other hand, has an element of randomness and other outcomes are controlled by the decisions made by the player. Statistically, because roulette is purely random, each number on the wheel should come up at least once in 37 spins. If you have ever played casino games before you would know that it never works out like that, this reason for this is the concept of luck/chance. Luck throws the casino games in every which way it chooses.

To ensure their viability over the long run, casinos control this “luck” by hard-coding all casino games with the house edge. This house age is different for all casino games, so the first strategy you should employ is to only play casino games with the lowest edge. These can also be referred to as the ones with the highest percentage payout. Three casino games fitting this criterion are video poker, baccarat, and blackjack. The mentioned casino games not only provide you with the highest odds of success, but they are also very easy to learn and master. You can also choose to take advantage of the numerous rewards, offers, and comps available to you as a card-carrying member of a casino. Not directly apparent as a casino games strategy, claiming your dues will ultimately add maximum value to your investment in the casino by giving you lucrative benefits.

Casino Games Guides

This guide is a broad stroke of all the fun casino games that you can enjoy in your home. While effort has been made to include as much up-to-date information as possible, it comes nowhere near doing justice to the in-depth aspects of individual casino games; it’s an excellent start though. This casino games guide helped you realise which game you want to play, now is the time to read a game-specific guide of that game. A specific casino games guide takes this subject; further, it talks about the game, its categories, sub-categories, and variants. These guides provide instructions on how the casino games are played. If you are into card casino games, guides can also give you the strategies to use when either playing safe or pushing for the big win. Knowing this information before you start playing gives you better chances of getting a favourable outcome. The strategies outlined also allow you to spot winning hands, and to play them wisely. Ignorance of casino games rules can lead to you throwing away a winning hand and not even know it. Casino games guides are an invaluable tool that should never be absent in the arsenal of any serious online casino player.

Casino Games FAQ

What casino games are easier for newbies?

Blackjack. This popular card game is a great way to initiate yourself in online gambling. Its popularity comes from these simple rules and low house margins. The game's goal is to simply get a twenty-one or the closest, lower number and you win. That being said, it is always important to thoroughly update yourself with the rules of each game.

What are the most common casino games?

The most common are slots, blackjack, video poker, craps and live dealers. Slots are by far the most widespread. It is highly customisable, and many casino games software providers offer slot games.

What card games are played at a casino?

Most casinos feature video poker, blackjack, and baccarat among the more common options. Lesser played card casino games are pontoon, three-card brag and Hi-Lo, the availability of these across casinos, however, is erratic at best.

Is playing poker in an online casino easy?

Yes. Playing online is easier than in real casinos. One big advantage is that you'll be playing against the dealer only, there is less stress since there is no face to face interaction. Also, no one can bluff a bad into a win, although this does affect you also.

How to play dice casino games?

Dice casino games are purely games of chance, there are no strategies you can use to improve your odds in this type of game, and no one can ever take credit for a win. All you can do is to make the toss and wait for the outcome.